Bag drop

Once you have checked in at a self-service counter, you must put the printed bag tag on your suitcase.

Remember to keep the foil from the end of the bag tag. This is your confirmation that you have submitted your luggage.

Self-service Bag Drop

Some airlines offer self-service Bag Drop at Copenhagen Airport. This means that you hand your suitcase by an automatic counter where you scan your bags and sending it out on the luggage carousel. 

Note: At Copenhagen Airport, there are several different Bag Drop desks. You must, therefore, be aware that baggage must be delivered at the Bag Drop desk that belongs to your airline.

Odd Size Luggage

There are three odd-sized access points at Copenhagen Airport:

  • Terminal 2: This odd-size baggage drop is used by ground handlers like Aviator and CFS. It is found at the end of Terminal 2 next to counter 154.
  • Terminal 3: This is used by SGH (SAS Ground Handling) and is located at the SAS ticket office and Starbucks. 

See who handles luggage for your airline here.

Remember that odd size luggage also need a bag tag like regular suitcases.