What is classed as liquids?  

At Copenhagen Airport, liquids and other fluids comprise: 

  • Liquid foods such as water, juice, squash, soft drinks and soup 
  • Mixtures of solid and liquid foods such as Nutella, jam and liver pâté
  • Perfume, shaving alcohol, eau de cologne etc. 
  • Liquid toiletries such as shampoo and toothpaste 
  • Oils and creams, such as hand lotion or sunscreen 
  • The contents of pressurised containers, such as deodorant, hairspray and shaving foam 

How many liquids can I bring in my hand baggage? 

You may carry a clear, resealable 1-litre bag with as many containers of liquid as you can carry in the bag, as long as none of the containers exceeds 100 ml. You may only bring one of these bags per person.


Are foods also liquids? 

In principle, liquid foods are deemed to be covered by the rules for liquids. Liquid foods can range from completely liquid foods to a mixture of solid and liquid foods. They must be packed in accordance with the rules for liquids and be placed in a 1-litre bag together with the other liquids you are carrying.

Foods that must be packed in accordance with the rules for liquids: 

Liquid foods such as butter, cheese spreads, jam, Nutella, smoothies, soup etc., and also canned foods containing liquid such as tuna in oil/water, mackerel in tomato etc. 

Foods that do not need to be packed in accordance with the rules for liquids: 

Solid foods such as liver pâté, bread, sausage, cold cuts, hard cheeses, cheeses such as brie and camembert, fruit, biscuits etc.

Where can I find 1-litre bags?

You will find free plastic bags for your liquids at the packing tables at the airport, just before the security area.


At the packing tables, you can pack your 1-litre bag of liquids, and also make sure any baby food and electronics can easily be removed from your hand baggage when you go through Security.