Gate Information and Boarding

The gate number for each flight will be posted on screens in the airport minimum 45 minutes before departure for international flights and minimum 30 minutes before departure for domestic flights.

Gate information
Most often, your gate number will be displayed on the screens one to two hours before departure. For long-haul flights, the information will often appear on the screens two to three hours before departure.

"Go to gate"
It is the handling companies that decide when the "go to gate" and "boarding" messages are displayed on the screens. This information will typically be displayed about 30 minutes before departure for continental flights and about an hour before departure for intercontinental flights.

However, flights to the United States are an exception, as their information may be posted as much as two hours before departure.

Continental flights: about 20 minutes before departure.
Intercontinental flights: about 35 minutes before departure.

The times specified here are for guidance only. For all information, it is always important to check the information screens, as different circumstances may apply on the day of your flight.

Service announcement for US-bound travellers

United States authorities have tightened the security rules for entering US territory.

As a result, an additional security check will be conducted at the gate when passengers board flights from Copenhagen Airport bound for US destinations.

In particular, passengers must ensure that their smart phones, tablets, computers, digital cameras and other electronic devices are charged. For additional information, please contact your airline.