Guide to rules for carry-on baggage

Prepare before you leave home

  • *Liquids and liquid substances in your carry-on baggage must be packed in containers with a maximum capacity of 100 ml (1/10 litre)
  • You may pack more than one container, but no more than you can fit into a one-litre plastic bag. Passengers are allowed to bring only one of these bags.
  • The Danish authorities specify that the bag must be a ‘transparent, re-sealable bag with a maximum capacity of one litre. The closing mechanism must be an integral part of the bag. You may for instance use re-sealable “freezer bags”, available from many major supermarkets.’
  • Get hold of a bag that meets the authorities’ requirements – and pack your liquid containers in this

*Liquids and liquid substances such as:
- water, fruit juice, cordial, soup and syrup;
- perfume, after-shave lotion, eau de cologne and similar liquids;
- semi-liquid or gel substances, such as shampoo and toothpaste;
- oils and lotions, such as hand lotion or sunscreen;
- contents of aerosol containers, such as deodorant, shaving foam and similar substances;
- mixtures of solid and liquid substances.

The European Commission has specified that lipstick, lipgloss, solid deodorants, glue sticks and the like do not come under the new rules on liquids in carry-on baggage.

At the airport, help is at hand

  • Arrive at the airport about two hours before take-off
  • At the airport, signs, information flyers and airport staff will remind you of the new rules
  • In the initial period, bags will be available at the airport free of charge, but please regard this as an option of last resort; the more passengers packing correctly before they leave home, the quicker passengers will be able to pass through security.
  • In case you have not packed correctly, you will find packing tables at the airport, where you will be given guidance.

Be prepared at the security checkpoint

  • Have your bag of liquids ready for separate x-raying at the security checkpoint
  • Remove computers and other large electrical items from your carry-on baggage – such items must be x-rayed separately
  • Remove your coat at the security checkpoint. It too must be x-rayed separately

You can buy goods as usual beyond the security checkpoint

  • Articles bought at the airport beyond the security checkpoints (including spirits, perfume and other liquids) are exempt from the new rules
  • You can buy tax-free goods at the airport as usual, but please be aware that you receive your goods AND the receipt for your purchase, both sealed in a plastic bag.
    The bag must remain sealed until you reach your final destination.
    The receipt is important, since it provides documentation for the origin of your goods, which is required by some airports. 

  • The rules have caused much confusion. To allay any concerns you might have, Copenhagen Airport guarantees that your money will be refunded if you follow the rules and your goods purchased at Copenhagen Airport are seized nonetheless. Therefore, please remember to ask for documentation if you are unfortunate enough to have your goods seized

Special rules for travelling to the USA

  • On a non-stop flight from Copenhagen to the USA: If you travel on a non-stop flight to the USA by SAS or Delta Air Lines, you may bring duty-free products (spirits, perfume and other liquids) purchased at Copenhagen Airport on board the aircraft. You will receive the products in a sealed bag with the receipt at the duty-free store, and it is important that the bag remains sealed.

  • To the USA via another EU airport: If you travel from Copenhagen to the USA via an airport in another EU member state, there is a risk that your duty-free products (spirits, perfume and other liquids) will be seized, even though you received the products and have kept them in a sealed bag with the receipt. Please your airline about the rules.

  • If you are travelling on by air within the USA: According to the US rules, you will not be allowed to bring duty-free products (spirits, perfume and other liquids) from Europe if you transfer to a flight connection after arrival in a US airport. Instead, you may place the products in the baggage to be checked in for the flight connection. You should contact your airline and ask about the rules in the USA.

Service announcement for US-bound travellers

United States authorities have tightened the security rules for entering US territory.

As a result, an additional security check will be conducted at the gate when passengers board flights from Copenhagen Airport bound for US destinations.

In particular, passengers must ensure that their smart phones, tablets, computers, digital cameras and other electronic devices are charged. For additional information, please contact your airline.