Copenhagen Airport’s Lost Property Office

If you’ve lost or left something at the airport or on the plane on arrival at Copenhagen Airport, there’s a chance that it has been handed in to the police.

After it is handed in, lost property is handed over to the Airport’s Lost Property Office

Copenhagen Airport handles all lost property that is forgotten at the airport and on board flights to Copenhagen. We register: tablets, laptops, mobile phones, electronic accessories, wallets and purses (without money) and bags (except travel bags, large backpacks, trolleys and likes)

We register these items on our website as soon as they are handed in. You can request your lost items on the website and choose whether you want them posted to you for a shipping fee or whether you want to pick them up at the airport. If we receive no enquiries within three days, we’ll forward the items to the Police’s Lost Property Office.

All other types of items, such as clothes, belts etc., are kept at the airport for 30 days.

You can write to us via the following link Customer Service | Contact Support (, after which you can pick up your item between 9 am and 1 pm any day of the week.

How the police registers lost property

If your lost item contains an ID, the police will register it with your date of birth and name. A mobile phone is registered with its IMEI number. Laptops, tablets, cameras and the like are registered with their serial number and make.

Contact CPH Customer Service here