Handicap parking

The airport has a number of parking spaces for persons with reduced mobility (PRMs).

Please note: Handicap parking spaces must be reserved no later than six hours prior to planned day of entry. 

Example: If you arrive 7 PM you need to reserve your parking before 1 PM.
To guarantee yourself a spot we recommend that you book in due time.

These are for most parts placed in the Direct parkering area P4, in walking distance from Terminal 2. Should all spots be occupied in P4, there are a few other parking options available available.

Pre-order space P4 

As a service to travelers with disablity badges our parkering places in P4 can be pre-ordered. Moreover, you can save money by booking in advance

Enter your name, date of birth and the license number information as supplied by the Disabled People’s Organisations Denmark (DPOD) in the form below to get access to a direct booking link.

Location of handicap parking spots

All our parking facilities have handicap parking when you come as a drive-in customer.

Please note: To be guaranteed a handicap parking space and to be sure of the special price, you have to book online. If you do not book online the entry price will be according to the regular price.