Complaints about experiences at Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport has an ambitious service strategy which means that we work intensely and focused on maintaining and strengthening the service experience for all our customers in the airport and in particular the passengers.

Should you, however, have had a bad experience in connection with your trip from Copenhagen Airport, you have the right to submit a complaint by contacting Copenhagen Airport’s Customer Service by telephone +45 32 31 32 31 or via this the contact form:

  Go to contact form

Central Security Check

If your complaint concerns your experience in the Central Security Check and you have received a contact card from the Security personnel, we kindly ask you to enter all the information from the contact card into the contact form below:

  Go to contact form

Use the the category "complaint". Then describe the incident as detailed as possible.

You can also submit a complaint even if you did not address the incident when you passed through the Central Security Check – just contact our Customer Service as described above, with as much information as possible.

When you contact us via the contact form you can expect to receive a written response within 3 days. Please be aware, though, that the final response in some cases may take longer should the case handling, for instance, require a review of the airport’s video recordings of the incident.