Frequently asked questions and answers

This page contains a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

Can I still drop off passengers   at Terminal 3 free of charge?

Yes, drop-off   of passengers is free. Enter the drop-off area in Lane 2. You have a limited   number of minutes to drive through the lane, after which you have a certain   amount of time to drop off your passengers.

We used to drive in and drop   off passengers wherever they wanted. What should we do now?

You can drop   off your passengers at T2 or T3, exactly as you did before. At T3, you must   drive in Lane 2 and select “Drop-off” on the kiosk screen.

What should I do if I need help   with the new system?

During the   start-up weeks, there will be taxi service team members stationed there to   help and guide you. You can also always press the “i” (information/help)   button on the kiosk screen at the entry point.

Why do I now have to pay a fee   of DKK 16?

The fee covers   the cost of operating the system: it was fixed by agreement between CPH and   the taxi companies. CPH does not make a profit from the system or the fee.

Why is CPH going to earn money   on the trips I run from the airport?

CPH does not   make money on the system. For CPH, it is solely a matter of providing better   service and a better traffic flow at the airport.

How can it pay for me to pay   the DKK 16 fee when I only have a short trip?

Some trips   obviously generate higher earnings than others, but, seen over the course of   a year, the average price of a trip from the airport is DKK 245, so   airport trips will still pay for all parties.

Why do I have to pay a fee for   driving into the taxi feeder park if I choose to leave it again?

When your   BroBizz transponder is registered on entry to the feeder park, you will   automatically be charged the fee. The fee is part of the agreement between the   airport and taxi companies and cannot be changed, even if you leave the   airport without picking up passengers. 

How much do Swedish taxis and   limousines pay?

Swedish taxis   and limousines also pay DKK 16 – exactly the same as Danish taxis.

As a taxi company from outside   the Capital Region, we used to drive into the row reserved for “booked Danish   taxis” and pick up customers from there. Should we continue to do that?

You can still   drive in Lane 2, the lane for booked Danish taxis, and pick up customers.   Select “Pick-up” on the kiosk screen and pay by credit card or your BroBizz   transponder.

Can we still do so without   driving into the new taxi feeder park?

Yes, the   feeder park is only for the Lane 1 vehicles.

Do taxis from outside the   Capital Region have to use a BroBizz transponder?

It is not   necessary, but it is easier. If you don’t have a BroBizz, you can pay on   entry by credit card at the kiosk.

How do I get a BroBizz?

You can order   one at The website also contains more   information about the BroBizz and how the system works.