Special information to Thomas Cook passengers and Spies travellers: It is not yet clear what the suspension of payments will mean for the Danish and Scandinavian companies in the British Thomas Cook group. For more information contact Thomas Cook airline, Spies or your travel agent. If you are traveling with Thomas Cook flights and have your car parked at the airport, it will still stand here when you get home - no matter how late the return trip will be.



Report safety incident

Please immediately contact CPH Operations center (OC) via +45 3231 3500 about any serious incidents, where damage or injury has occurred.

Please immediately contact Bird Control via +45 3231 2373, when you find a dead bird or animal on Airside.

Use the reporting form here to report any other safety events, - concerns, near-misses or proposals for improvement.


  • Alarming requirements from Copenhagen airport, cf. Local Regulation Chapter 7 must always be complied.
  • Reporting and/or alarming to CPH does not exempt the individual's or organisation's reporting obligation, cf. EU Regulation No. 996/2010 and/or EU Regulation No. 376/2014 to relevant authorities.