Rental in CPH

Copenhagen Airport is not only the gateway of Northen Europe, it is also a thriving business centre.

CPH Real Estate Sales (RES) is the area of business which sublets buildings, premises and offices in addition to developing and building real estate projects in cooperation with the companies who want to establish in and around the airport. 

In CPH we offer you:

  • Address in Northern Europe's largest airport
  • Chance of close association with more than 700 companies already established
  • Workplace in an international environment
  • Unique transportation options
  • Facility management around the clock 
  • Employee benefits 
  • A dynamic site in growth
  • Extraordinary customer experiences 

- We look forward to welcoming you.

Real Estate contacts

Mikkel Krogh
Real Estate Sales 
3141 3755  
Connie Alexandra Sery
Business Development Manager
Real Estate Sales
2273 2029

Jørgen Jensen
Business Development Manager
Real Estate Sales
5356 7059

Pernille Sander
Property Administrator
Real Estate Sales
5382 1900
NB: On maternity leave

Diana Monrad
Sales Coordinator (maternity cover)
Real Estate Sales
5357 3325  

Airport Areas

  • Western area
    Primarily for technical services and handling companies.

  • Southern Area
    Used mostly for hangars, workshops and administration offices including charter companies.

  • Eastern Area
    Specifically zoned for goods delivery facilities, warehousing, catering, logistics, car hiring, parking, air cargo and related administration facilities.

  • Northern Area
    The key areas for passenger traffic generated.