Office Rental

General specifications

All office leases consist of one or more interconnected offices. They are all equipped with appertaining or adjacent kitchen/kitchenette and toilet.

  • We can offer staff parking in one of our parking facilities adjacent to the terminals.
  • We can offer to set up IT and phone cabling as well as subsequent operations.
  • We can offer to have our competent cleaning staff take care of the cleaning of the lease.

The lease will be refurbished at take-over unless anything else is agreed upon. This means that the lease will be cleaned and painted on all paintable surfaces and with new floors. The lease will be taken over with no deficiencies and with all installations in good and useable condition.

Other Terms

From the lease it is only allowed to operate aviation related business and this business must relate to the tenant's activity at Copenhagen Airport.

Available office spaces

Terminal 2   

Terminal 2

Price/m2:      kr. 2.995

Area:          25 m2 - 135 m2  

Ops. incl:   Yes


Terminal 3   

Terminal 3

Price/m2:      kr. 3.595

Area:          15 m2 - 40 m2

Ops. incl:   Yes


Airport Business Center  

CPH Aiport Business Center 

Price/m2:      kr. 1.060

Area:          30 m2 - 7.900 m2

Ops. incl:    Yes

Real Estate contacts

Mikkel Krogh
Real Estate Sales 
3141 3755  
Connie Alexandra Sery
Business Development Manager
Real Estate Sales
2273 2029

Jørgen Jensen
Business Development Manager
Real Estate Sales
5356 7059

Pernille Sander
Property Administrator
Real Estate Sales
5382 1900
NB: On maternity leave

Diana Monrad
Sales Coordinator (maternity cover)
Real Estate Sales
5357 3325