A new urban space for travellers and locals

Copenhagen Airport opened a new outdoor square where travellers and locals alike can relax and play, in a special inauguration with the local community.

A new urban space for travellers and locals
PHOTO BY: Copenhagen Airports
PUBLISHED: 17/10-2019

Copenhagen Airport has opened a new outdoor square before the security check between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. The square was officially inaugurated in September by the airport's CEO Thomas Woldbye together with Tårnby's mayor Allan S. Andersen and approximately 60 guests from the local community. With space to relax or play, Airport Squareis now ready for travellers and locals alike to enjoy.

An oasis for travellers and locals

The 4000 m2 square is inspired by the Nordic coastal landscape, where the mix of granite, plants and long winding benches made of sustainable wood provides a relaxing and inspiring car-free urban space. In addition to comfortable seating, the square offers a large playground with room for 40 children, featuring a 7-metre-long plane with obstacle course and slides.

"We have made a green oasis for relaxing for both our travellers and employees,” said Senior Project Manager at Copenhagen Airport, Rasmus Winther Brodersen. “It is also important for us to give something back to our neighbours, who we hope also want to come and visit us, even if they’re not travelling."

A space for the neighbourhood
Tårnby's mayor Allan S. Andersen also focussed on the neighbourhood in his speech. "Standing here today, I think we see a very concrete and physical example of the airport reaching out to its neighbours,” he said. 

“The forecourt not only invites passengers to get off to a good start on their journey through the airport. The development of the square is also intended to invite neighbours to come closer and use the airport. I am glad that the neighbourhood is included in this project, so that the investments made in the airport’s further development also give something to the local community."

Building an airport for the future

“In the future, we imagine that there could be a cosy café environment,” explains Rasmus Winther Brodersen. “But we’re also open to the possibility of using Airport Square as an event space for cultural experiences and festivals, so that the square and the airport can be part of the local area and Copenhagen's cultural calendar.”

The new square is part of the airport’s larger expansion plan for the coming decade. The vision is to increase the airport’s annual capacity up to 40 million passengers, focussing on offering the space, capacity and facilities that airlines and passengers need.