The airport of tomorrow takes shape

Copenhagen Airport’s new 28,000 sqm Pier E has now opened, with eight new gates, a new passport control and plenty of room for travellers.

PUBLISHED: 21/08-2019

Copenhagen Airport’s new Pier E opened at the start of June, offering greater capacity and more efficient operations for airlines. The 28,000 sqm pier opened with eight new gates – five more will follow in 2020 – and is up to date and beautifully designed with modern technology to support efficient boarding processes. Along with light and airy passenger areas with plenty of daylight and natural materials, the pier also includes a new office building to house police officers, technical staff and equipment. Copenhagen Airport is investing just short of DKK 1.2 billion (approximately USD 180 million) in the construction of Pier E, which increases the airport’s size by 15%. 

Flexible gates and new immigration control

A wide variety of airlines, including SAS and Sichuan Airlines, are already using the pier, which is mixed with flexible gates, and can be used as one large gate or two smaller ones. It is flexible and operational for Schengen and non-Schengen zones along with long and short haul. Key to the expansion has been the introduction of 11 new passport boxes in a new immigration control area, which offers improvements for passengers and speed of flow through the airport.

Sustainability has been an additional focus of the expansion, which uses low energy LED lighting and recycled materials among other energy-saving features. The airport is certified with a CO2 offsetting program and is carbon-neutral as of this year.

Significant expansion to come

Pier E is part of a larger expansion plan that will be taking place in the airport through the upcoming decade. In 2020, a further 8,000 sqm will open with three new flexible bus gates and two new contact gates for widebody aircraft for long distance routes, and an 80,000 sqm expansion of the terminals between Gates B and C is set to follow along with a significant expansion of the baggage reclaim area, which will double its current size.

“This expansion offers greater stand capacity for airlines,” said Annika Liljenberg, Senior Route Development Manager for Asia at CPH, and a member of the steering committee for the project, “along with better facilities for airlines and passengers. It kickstarts our growth for the years to come, where we’re focused on offering the facilities, space and capacity that our airline partners need.” 

Pier E in brief

  • The 28,000 sqm new pier opened on June 4, 2019.
  • Additional capacity includes eight gates, a new passport control, spacious and bright passenger areas and a new office building.
  • Copenhagen Airport is now 15% bigger.
  • In 2020, a further 8,000 sqm will open with three new flexible bus gates and two new contact gates for widebody aircraft for long distance routes.
  • Copenhagen Airport is investing nearly DKK 1.2 billion in its construction. 
  • Pier E leads into a bigger construction project: the 80,000 sqm expansion of the terminals between Gates B and C.
  • Today, there are direct routes from Copenhagen to 180 destinations, of which 41 are outside Europe.
  • Copenhagen Airport is all under one roof, even with the new Pier E.