The perfect match

Copenhagen Airport’s annual Interline & Charter Workshop brought together airlines and tour operators to match capabilities and needs and drive new partnerships in a unique speed-dating format.

PUBLISHED: 19/06/2019

Finding a great business partner has something in common with looking for love. Copenhagen Airport’s Interline & Charter spring workshop leaned on speed-dating as a concept and drew together 70 participants from 30 different airlines and 11 tour operators to meet and discuss business in short, focused meetings.

The one-day event has been held once per year in Copenhagen for 14 consecutive years, and continues to grow, attracting the aviation and travel industry to make new agreements and develop relationships.

Participation in the workshop and the networking dinner is free of charge for all Airline and Tour Operator attendees and includes a series of 20-minute networking meetings where participants can discuss areas of collaboration. The airport facilitates the meetings but does not directly aim to provide more routes as a result - it’s more about providing the right backdrop for partnerships of all shapes and sizes to take place.

Key successes this year included an agreement from DAT and specialist ski tour group SkiTravelGroup to run charter flights from Billund Airport to Salzburg. The agreement had been under negotiation since November, and this workshop provided the opportunity to get the final details and signatures in place.

Morten Mortensen, Copenhagen Airport’s Director of Airline Sales & Route Development, was pleased with the result of the event.

"We’re delighted to see routes and partnerships emerge from this event,” he said. “Our aim is to get all airlines and tour operators in the same room to discuss business opportunities, growth and drive new ideas and concepts. The workshop has become really popular and we enjoy providing a way to connect the industry and colleagues across aviation every time.”

The workshop takes place once a year and gives you the chance to visit Copenhagen Airport and meet some local tour operators and travel agents. Next time the event will be held is on April 2nd 2020. After listening to feedback from our customers, we have decided to do it under a new name: Travel Agents & Interline Workshop, but it will be the same concept as usual.

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