5 minutes with Morten Mortensen

PUBLISHED: 15/02/2021

1.       Tell us about your role?

As Senior Director for Airline Sales & Route Development, I have the commercial responsibility for the aeronautical business in Copenhagen Airport. I represent both the passenger airline business as well as air cargo. Along with my team, I’m responsible for maintaining and growing our route networks and business.


2.       What is your background?

I started my career in sales and marketing management in different industries. Later, I moved into shipping, specifically container shipping, first from a container terminal perspective, later into a large shipping line, working with shipping route network. Thus, I have a solid background in trade lanes and networks from shipping, which is not too dissimilar to air travel.


3.       What do you get up to outside work?

I have two sons that keeps me busy with burning lots of steam, and sometimes breaking up fights. I try to keep physically fit, not least during this Corona lock-down with running and going to the gym. When time allows it, I enjoy playing golf.


4.       How has the Covid-19 pandemic changed your daily work?

In short, completely. It is a difficult challenge to lead a team of very talented specialist, when we are all working apart from our homes. We try to keep up the good spirit, by focusing on what is within our control to influence. From a business perspective, since March 2020, we have gone from growth mode where we worked with different airlines to expand their presence in Copenhagen Airport, to now trying to figure out what the future looks like, and to prepare ourselves and the airport for when the world turns back to some normality.


5.       What’s the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is being together with my team, and meeting up with airline contacts, while working on creating opportunities for future business growth. It is fantastic to meet and work with a lot of customers and friends from different countries and cultures


6.       What’s the worst part of your job?

During Covid-19, we must manage our investments and costs very carefully. Regretfully, we also had to say farewell to several good and loyal colleagues, due to the business suddenly disappearing as a result of the pandemic.


7.       What are your predictions for 2021 and beyond?

We are quite optimistic about the 2nd part of 2021 and beyond. I believe that there is a large unfulfilled demand to travel, once restrictions are lifted. With an effective roll out of vaccines resulting in lower levels of contamination of Covid-19, I am hopeful that we see a large increase in the number of passengers and flights from the summer of 2021 and onwards.


8.       What are your hopes for aviation in a bigger picture?

I hope that once the pandemic comes under control, that aviation will prosper once again. I hope that we will return to a situation where travelling is allowed, to experience and see the world, for business trips and leisure to expand our horizons and increase understanding of the different cultures abroad.

Morten Mortensen

Senior Director of Airline Sales & Route Development
+45 2239 1918