2022 in review and 2023 expectations

Photo by: Michael Kidmose
PUBLISHED: 24/02/2023

2022 in review

2022 was year still heavily influenced by the restrictions implemented due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. CPH started out with low traffic numbers in the beginning of 2022 which gradually rose throughout the first part of the year. In the end more than 22 million passengers travelled through CPH in 2022, which is more than twice the amount compared to the year prior and corresponds to index 73 compared to 2019.

Expectations to 2023 in numbers

For 2023 we expect to see increasing passenger numbers, which is already evident in the numbers from January and February. When comparing January 2023 with January 2019, CPH is at index 81 in total passenger numbers, index 76 in transfer passengers, index 94 in share of transfer passengers, and index 103 in load factor. For February we reached index 82 in total passenger numbers, 76 in transfer passengers, 91 in share of transfer passengers and 104 in load factor. This highlights not only an increase in total passengers but also an increase in transferring passengers, where the share of transferring passengers is almost back to 2019 levels.

New routes from CPH

2023 is expected to become a very busy year for CPH and we predict that recovery rates will continue gradually throughout the year. However, with the continued war in Ukraine and the consequences to aviation, notably to routes overflying Russian airspace, we do predict a slow recovery on the Japanese and Chinese routes. While these markets are still heavily impacted by the closure of the Siberian air corridor, other markets are opening for direct service to Copenhagen. This year we’ll inaugurate or reopen new direct intercontinental routes to Delhi with Air India, JFK with SAS, Addis Ababa with Ethiopian Airlines, Montreal with Air Canada, and Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways. At CPH we are looking forward to the year 2023, and are excited for the challenges and successes it may bring.

Morten Mortensen

Senior Director of Airline Sales & Route Development
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