Vehicle Permit

CPH implemented a new car ID system in July 2013. This means that every registered engine powered vehicle that passes in or out of the aiport’s restricted areas must be equipped with an electronic vehicle permit.

The vehicle permit must be activated at any entry point of the airport. The permit is made identically to the CPH ID-card and shows which security zones and entry points the vehicle is authorized to pass. 

Application Form

To reduce waiting periods, and to facilitate the application process for our customers,we only accept vehicle permit applications handed in personally. We will print the vehicle permits immediately, in exchange for a correctly signed application and a valid driver. 

Guidelines for vehicle permits

The vehicle must as a minimum have insurance coverage for moving in the areas of the airport among airplane traffic (if in doubt, check with your insurance company).

There must be a well documented reason for regular and official business within the security zones. In the red security zone (SRA/CSRA) the vehicle must be part of an official operative/service related function.

The vehicle permit goes under the 6-months regulation. In other words, if the vehicle permit is not used within a period of 6 months it will be blocked. This, however, does not apply for internal companies' official vehicles.

The users of the vehicle must have a valid CPH ID-card, and an approved traffic permit. The course may include some practical instruction too.

The traffic permit is only valid, when it has been registered in CPH’s traffic department.

N.B.  As a private individual you are only allowed to have 2 vehicle permits.  If you require more, you have to borrow a temporary permit at one of the security check points. It must be returned on the same day.

Vehicle permits that are expired, or which are no longer in use, must be returned to CPH. 

Please note that the firm will receive an invoice of kr. 660 excl. VAT for vehicle permits that have not been returned.

General Information

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