Read how an inventory list works and how it should be filled out.

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Any person bringing or making the use of a vehicle inside the airport is required to have an inventory list in the vehicle.

On this list, all items that are a permanent part of the vehicle must be listed.  If such a list is not maintained for the vehicle – all items must be brought for x-ray examination in connection with security checkpoint.

Guidelines for completing Inventory Lists

  • The inventory is only valid for a specific vehicle and covers only items that at all times are part of the vehicle.
  • It must be as exhaustive as possible, preferably with info as to numbers, but group listing is acceptable.
  • Must be freely available to the security personnel – preferably so it can be handed out.
  • Must be laminated, signed by company manager and duly stamped.
  • May (in general terms) not contain goods/goods for consumption incl liquids. There are exceptions, however, such as spare containers, fire extinguishers, oil for the vehicle etc.

Important Information

  • Security personnel may always take items for extra control, e.g. x-ray
  • Security has a "trifle limit" for goods in a vehicle, corresponding to what may fit into a small crate

Should you have any questions regarding the completion of the inventory list, please contact Henrik Kristiansen, section manager for Security Quality Management phone +45 3231 2411.