Delivery Service outside the CPH central goods reception

The application for delivery of product types which are unsuitable, too heavy, too big or too fragile to Varegård Øst - are below.

This does not apply to deliveries to building projects in Copenhagen Airport. If this is the case please refer to CPH's building project officer/contact person.

It is always the consignee at the airport who has to apply for the supply of goods to get in when this must be delivered to security restricted areas. (SRA/CSRA)

Security can at any time reject a supply that can not be inspected to a sufficient extent.

Be aware of the following in the application:

  • The processing time is usually up to 4 business days after the application is received.
  • Lack - and/or error completed applications will be returned without the necessary authorization.
  • The decision on applications cannot be appealed, but we refer to dialogue with CPH's Receipt of goods taken at 3231 3717 weekdays between the hours. 7:00 to 15:00.

Click here for the application itself (Only in Danish)