Delivery of goods

Are you going to deliver goods to Copenhagen Airport?

NOTE: The listing below does not apply if the goods are destined for recipients outside security-sensitive areas.

Security-sensitive areas could e.g. be Dragør/Sydvagten, Hangar/Nordvagten, Maglebylille vagten.

What constitutes goods?

Any items for use in SRA/CSRA for any purpose, including items for sale to clients in the Airport.

If you have items and materials that are to be used onboard a plane, you as a supplier must contact the airline in question, as special rules apply.

Ordinary Goods Deliveries

CPH and co-operating partners are working towards having many suppliers that will be appointed known suppliers.

A known supplier is a concept approved by the authorities, where you as a company is part of the control – this is to ease goods deliveries to security sensitive areas.

  • All deliveries to CSRA – terminal area must, in general, be delivered via the official goods delivery reception Varegård Øst, situated at Kastrup Tværvej E, 2770 Kastrup.
  • All deliveries must be inspected at our x-ray facility – if this is not feasible other control measures are used, in order to ascertain that deliveries to Copenhagen Airport are in compliance with the rules of the authorities.

Be aware that if other control measures are deemed necessary, this may involve additional resources both for you and Copenhagen Airport.

Read brochure about goods reception via Varegård Øst

Building Materials

It is possible to apply for an exemption from delivery at Varegård Øst if the goods are not suitable, too heavy, too large or of a perishable nature for the x-ray system.

Please note that these goods have to be packed and delivered in such way to allow for a manual search including the possibility of getting the goods, looking into any voids etc. If in doubt contact Security by mail on