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Below you will find information about being known supplier in Copenhagen Airport.

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The form for application to become a Known Supplier (only in danish)

What does it mean to be designated as a known supplier?

Copenhagen Airports A/S (CPH) can appoint suppliers of airport supplies as well-known suppliers. As a known supplier, the company itself makes a number of security measures for storage, packing, transport and delivery of airport supplies.

Airport supplies from known suppliers designated by CPH exempt from inspection delivery to CPH security restricted area CSRA.

Development of plans

  • Develop a safety plan for the company/department approved by the Transport Authority.
  • Develop a training plan for employees involved.
  • Any employee who need to transport or work with airport supplies, or in a part of the company's security plan must be trained in accordance to EU regulations (185/2010 Section 9 and 173/2012 Section 9).

Agreements and control

The legally responsible in the company is liable for any breach according to the signed declaration of commitments and applicable terms compared in connection CPH.

A special sealing agreement has to be made with CPH Security, applicable to both vehicles and/or other transport equipment. The seal must be approved by CPH, and the company bears all the costs that may be involved.

The company is required to perform self-monitoring/quality control with the terms and conditions at any time observed throughout the process.

Transport Authority will carry out supervision of compliance out of the company and during transport.

CPH supervises the receipt of goods supplied and must act on information about - or evidence of irregularities.

If Transport Authority or CPH do not find conditions/rules complied according to the EU Regulation (173/2012 section 9.1.4.) CPH will take back the privilege of being a known supplier.

Application to become a known supplier

Registration must be sent to the following address:

ATT. Security Operation & Development
Copenhagen Airport
Lufthavnsboulevarden 14
2770 Kastrup

or as a scanned copy to

Once we receive your application, you will be contacted by Security Staff with a view to the further application process.