Companies at Copenhagen Airport

New supplier at Copenhagen Airport, or update current company information.

New company accessing Copenhagen Airport?

In order to apply for an ID-card at Copenhagen Airport, your company must first register in our company database. This is done by filling out a Form 10 - Company Application.

In order to be registered as a new company at Copenhagen Airport, it is crucial that you refer to a sponsor company who is permanently resident within the airport. The sponsor company is hence also to be listed as your contact company on page 2 of your company application.

The application can be sent by regular mail or an e-mail to idkortkontoret@cph.dkThe application time for processing a new company is up to 10 working days.

Only when the company has been approved and the person responsible for ID-cards has received a welcome mail, is it possible to apply for the number of ID-cards required. (Read more about ID-card applications under ID-card in the right-hand column).

Already an established company at Copenhagen Airport?

If your company is already established at Copenhagen Airport, it is always the responsibility of the individual company to provide the ID-card office with updated information, every time changes are made to the company profile.

Changes to the company profile are notified by completing the correct form (please see below) and sent either by post or e-mail to

A potential change could be:

- Change of e-mail address or new ID-card responsible/substitute? If so, please complete Form 13 - Responsibility Agreement

- Additional ID-card responsible? Please complete Form 14 – ID-card Orderers

- New company address or new company management? Please complete Form 10 – Company Profile

- New work responsibilities or new clients?  Please complete Form 12 – Contact Companies

- Change of zones or additional new zones? Please complete form 10 – Company Application

Known Supplier

Do your company wish to become a known supplier or just read about the conditions – click here

General Information

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