ID-Card Application


ID-Card Application

When you wish to apply for an ID-card, or if your present ID-card is close to its expiration date, you need to contact your responsible ID-card administrator at your company and together fill out an ID-card application.

The application forms are listed below as PDF-files. You can fill out the application directly online or print it out and fill it out by hand. If you choose to fill out the form by hand please do so in capital letters, so we can access the correct information. If you do so, you avoid any delays in application processes.

N.B. the Danish government requires that both signatures on the appliaton are original. This means that scanned documents or forwarded documents either by email or fax are not accepted. The applications must either be handed in physically or sent by surface mail to the ID-card Office.

  • Form 20 - application for ID-card click here
  • Form 21 - application for Media ID-card click here
  • Form 22 - application for Guide ID-card click here
  • Form 23 - declaration for working for two companies click here

The process time is up to three weeks. 

When the ID-card application has been approved by the authorities, your ID-card responsible wihtin your firm will be notified.

NB. The ID-card must be collected within two months, otherwise the approval will expire.

Your ID-card must be picked up in person at the ID-card office and bringing a picture identification (passport or drivers license). A picture for your ID-card will be taken at the same time.  Please remember to bring your old ID-card at renewal time – also if the card has expired.

Enter as a Visitor

If you require access to CPH less than 14 times per annum, you may enter as a visitor rather than applying for your own ID-card.  For more information – click here.

Security Awareness Test

When you come to pick up your ID-card, you are also required to bring a Security Awareness Test – you will find it by click here

Renewal of various Permits

Please be aware that when renewing your ID-card all previous permits will be cancelled and have to be renewed. Therefore you should remember to apply for any car pass, visitor courses, carry- and trafficpermits in conjunction with the ID-card application (see below)

  • Form 30  - application for vehicle permit click here
  • Traffic course – First time theory course click here
  • Traffic course – Brush up course click here

Lost ID-card/changes to existing ID-card

In the event of a lost ID-card, or you have changes for your existing ID-card, you must fill out a new ID-card application together with your ID-card responsible.

  • Form 20 – application for ID-card click here
  • Form 21 – application for Press ID-card click here
  • Form 22 – application for Guide ID-card click here

Bring this application with you in person to the ID-card office, and then we will handle this on the spot. 

Cancelled ID-card

Your ID-card must be used on a regular basis in order to remain active, this means that if an ID-card has remained inactive for three months it will be cancelled (three months rule).

Your ID-card responsible will, however, always receive a reminder about inactive ID-cards prior to cancellation by CPH. The deadline for returning the cards in question is 14 days, after which time your company will be invoiced for the amount of DKK 660 excl. VAT for each ID-card that has not been returned to CPH.

NB! It is not a legitimate/official business just to activate an ID-card at one of the check-point card readers for the purpose of avoiding cancellation because of the ”3-months rule”.

If you have no reason to enter Copenhagen Airport more than 14 times per annum, it is sufficient to enter as a visitor, thus not requiring your personal ID-card.  For more information on visitor status – click here

Return of ID-card

When you no longer require your ID-card, the card must be cancelled without delay, and subsequently returned immediately either to the ID-card office, to your ID-card responsible or to one of the security guards.  Always remember to obtain a receipt to the effect that your ID-card has been returned.

General Information

If you wish to read more about rules and procedures – click here

If you want information on the various security zones at CPH – click here

If you have further questions regarding ID-card applications, please ask your ID-card responsible in your company or contact us at

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