Parking with a discount

Save 20% when you book parking online in P4 and P12 at Copenhagen Airport as a member of CPH Advantage.

This discount can not be combined with promotions or other discounts (including weekend parking).

How to park with a reservation

  1. Book parking on That way you know that a space is available for you.
  2. Enter your CPH Advantage member number and finish booking.
  3. Scan the QR-code from your order confirmation on arrival and departure.
  4. Earn and use your Advantage points in the airport when your shop in the airport before or after your journey.

How to park without reservation

  1. Drive-in
    Scan your digital CPH Advantage-card at the boom. 
    You don't need to insert credit card or retreive parking ticket.
  2. Exit
    Scan your digital CPH Advantage-card at the boom. 
    Insert credit card and pay.

The membership card is 
in the airport app

Not only does the CPH Airport app make your journey easier and less complicated. It also contains your CPH Advantage membership card with a QR-code.

Download the app now, and you will always have your membership card at hand. This way you can earn and use points simply by having the QR-code scanned in the store.