Copenhagen Airport to be the key airport in northern Europe

Our vision is for Copenhagen Airport to be the preferred gateway to northern Europe and a gateway for travels to other destinations, all while making you wish you could stay. CPH's World Class Hub strategy is designed to make this vision come true.

Copenhagen Airports A/S presented its then-new growth strategy, World Class Hub, on 1 March 2012. The goal of the strategy was – and is – to grow and develop Copenhagen Airport, making it the best and most important international airport and hub of northern Europe.

In 2013 Copenhagen Airport broke its passenger record for the third year in a row, when 24.1 million passengers travelled through the airport.

Denmark's gateway to growth
But it won't happen all by itself. As each new destination generates growth and jobs, there is an intense battle among the major European airports and regions to attract new routes.

Our new World Class Hub strategy is to strengthen Copenhagen Airport's position as the key transport hub of northern Europe and Denmark's gateway to growth.

Focus on customers
We will meet the goals and targets set in the growth strategy by focusing on our customers, i.e. our passengers and our business partners, e.g. the airlines, concessionaires and cargo operators. Satisfied passengers and attractive conditions for airlines generate more routes, more growth and more jobs.

To meet our ambitious goals and targets, we have defined a number of areas of focus. You can read more about them at this page.