Passengers benefit from expanded security checkpoint

Copenhagen Airport today opened its new, expanded security checkpoint. After more than two years of building work, the additional 1,800 m2 is now in use, giving passengers more space and light. Despite the building activity, the average waiting time in security in 2017 was just 4 minutes 57 seconds. 

When the Danes head off for next week’s winter holiday, the journey through Copenhagen Airport will be rather different to this time last year. The airport today opened its new security checkpoint, which has been expanded by 1,800 m2 to double the size:

“The new, expanded security checkpoint is an important milestone in the general expansion of Copenhagen Airport to create space for more passengers and improve the passenger experience,” said Copenhagen Airport’s CEO, Thomas Woldbye, at the opening ceremony. “A good, safe and predictable security checkpoint is vital for a good start to the journey. So it’s important to create the right environment with lots of space, light and calm – and that’s what we’ve done with the new expansion.

“First and foremost, our task is to give passengers a good service and experience when using the airport, and not least to help ensure that we have the best possible connectivity in and out of Denmark – for the benefit of tourism and the numerous global Danish companies,” said Thomas Woldbye.

Danish Minister for Transport, Building and Housing Ole Birk Olesen, who took a tour of the airport’s new security checkpoint, said:

“With Copenhagen Airport, Denmark has the biggest airport in the Nordic region. It’s a huge benefit and something that we must fight to retain and expand. Because it’s a healthy sign for Denmark and Copenhagen Airport that we’re continually building new capacity so that the airport can keep pace with the growth in passenger numbers.”

Despite the challenges of the building work and restricted space during the building period, the average waiting time for passengers in security in 2017 was just 4 minutes 57 seconds.

“Remember, that’s in a year when the whole area was one big building site,” said Thomas Woldbye. “So huge credit must go to the passengers, who were patient and friendly even though at times it was extremely cramped and untidy. And credit, too, to our employees, who maintained a high-quality and efficient service in the middle of an active, busy building site.”


  • The security checkpoint has expanded by 1,800 mto double the size.
  • Between 2007 and 2017, the security checkpoint expanded from 16 to 23 lanes.
  • 100 people helped to build the new, expanded security checkpoint.
  • 500 employees work at the security checkpoint.
  • Every day, an average of 30,000 passengers pass through security. On busy days, it can be as many as 44,000 passengers.
  • In 2017, the average waiting time in security was just 4 minutes 57 seconds.
  • In 2017, passengers handed over 95 tons of liquid that was not allowed to be taken through security.