Passenger record at Copenhagen Airport

Passenger numbers at Copenhagen Airport grew by 6.5%, or 1,560,063, to 25.6 million in 2014, the fourth consecutive year of passenger records. December saw growth at the rate of 3.0%. 

The total passenger number at Copenhagen Airport in 2014 was 25,627,093, which was not only a passenger record, but also the first year with more than 25 million passengers travelling through the airport.

International traffic was the main growth driver throughout the year, so we have continued to strengthen our position as an international hub, which was especially underpinned by the fact that traffic on our 27 intercontinental routes grew by a total of 8.0% in 2014," said Thomas Woldbye, CEO of Copenhagen Airports A/S.

The position as a key northern European transport hub was also strengthened by a 12.6% increase in transfer traffic in 2014 – and 2.3% in December. The highest growth rates in transfer traffic were on the important feeder routes from Stockholm, Oslo and Bergen.

International traffic was up by 6.8% for the full year, and 3.7% in December. Domestic traffic rose 2.3% for the full year, while it was down by 4.0% in the last month of the year due to lower capacity on the routes to Aalborg, Billund and Karup.

Monthly traffic development in 2014


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