Expanding CPH

Copenhagen Airport is not only an airport for people living in Denmark.  

Every day, our routes attract  tourists and travellers from all of northern Europe who use the airport as a hub for trips to and from the rest of the world.

This is important: more travellers generate more jobs and lay the foundation for opening routes to new destinations.

More travellers mean that the airport must be able to grow.

For this reason, we now present our detailed vision for an airport that can handle 40 million passengers per year – almost twice the number served today.

The vision is a peek into the future and an invitation to all those who help generate growth in society, for growth does not come by itself.

We are ready to invest substantially in the expansion of Copenhagen Airport, but growth is only possible if Denmark is an attractive country to not just business travellers, but also those who come here for fun and new experiences.

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Copenhagen Airport's CEO Thomas Woldbye presents the plans for "Expanding CPH

Copenhagen Airport's CEO Thomas Woldbye presents the plans for "Expanding CPH - Photo by Ernst Tobisch

Frank Jensen Lord Mayor of Copenhagen at the panel debate during the "Expanding CPH" event

Frank Jensen Lord Mayor of Copenhagen at the panel debate during the "Expanding CPH" event - Photo by Ernst Tobisch

Almost 200 of the Airport's stakeholders attended the presentation on "Expanding CPH

Almost 200 of the Airport's stakeholders attended the presentation on "Expanding CPH" - Photo by Ernst Tobisch

The panel debate

The panel debate - Photo by Ernst Tobisch

Future airport

Expanding CPH - Udvidelse af lufthavnen

Pier B to be extended
The many new flights to destinations in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe make it necessary to add new gates and aircraft stands for the medium-size aircraft used for this traffic.

Pier C to be extended
With the expansion of the route network for long-haul services, more space is needed for the big aircraft used to fly to destinations in south-east Asia and South America.

More room for low-cost traffic
Low-cost traffic has grown markedly for several years and will also need more room at the airport of the future. Yet another building with the simplicity and efficiency required by the low-cost airlines will ensure that there is room for continued growth.

More options for the business community
Better options must be created for relevant companies to locate at and near the airport. Moreover, a new hotel will provide additional facilities and better overnight accommodation opportunities near the airport in connection with visits to Copenhagen.

Expanding CPH - Terminalerne

Terminals to melt together
The terminal structure of the future will be expanded and designed to allow a better separation of arriving and departing passengers. This will give passengers a better experience when they arrive at the airport, and it will ensure a more efficient and intuitive flow on their departure.

Expanding CPH - Bagage

New arrival experience
The arrivals area will be changed considerably to make room for more large baggage conveyors. New natural light intake, striking Danish design and better facilities will help improve passengers' perception of the airport while they wait for their bags and ensure that they feel welcome in Denmark.

CPH Expanding - Station

Station for high-speed trains
A station for high-speed trains that bring travellers from both Oslo and Hamburg to Copenhagen Airport will play an important role in paving the way for growing towards 40 million passengers. More travellers also means that we will have to make room for even more parked cars. 

Fremtidens Lufthavn - Terminal 2

More space for extraordinary experiences
The shopping area will be expanded to create room for new open zones with lots of light, high ceilings and opportunities for both experiences as and relaxation in a casual "Danish" atmosphere.