Background check and press ID cards

Press access to the passenger area requires a special press ID card, which will be issued subject to prior police approval.

In short, the plan stipulates that access for the press to the passenger area requires that journalists carry a special press ID card that will only be issued after prior authorisation by the police. The ID card provides the option of unaccompanied access to the passenger area in Copenhagen Airport.

Members of the press applying for a press ID card must be registered and sign a declaration of consent allowing the police to carry out a background check.

The rules applying to the background check are set out in Executive Order 979 of 28 September 2004 issued by the Danish Ministry of Transport.

What is a background check?

The background check is a verification by the police prior to authorisation that the applicant has nothing on record that would disqualify him or her from gaining access.

An authorisation is valid for a three-year period unless the police decide that certain circumstances require authorisation to be withdrawn.

Circumstances that may lead to authorisation not being granted are specified in the above-mentioned Order.

How can you authorise a background check?

As a member of the press, you fill out an application for a press ID card with your name and your address of public record. This application also serves as a declaration of consent: by signing the application, you give the police permission to carry out a background check. Print out the application, sign it and then send it to the ID Card Office:

Copenhagen Airports A/S
ID Card Office
Lufthavnsboulevarden 6
DK-2770 Kastrup

Link to application form and opening hours

The police require a period of two weeks to carry out the necessary background check. For this reason, the Port Office must receive your application for an ID card not later than three weeks before the date you wish it to become effective.

It is very important to note that the police cannot grant exemptions from the processing time of two weeks. In the meantime, you can only obtain accompanied access to the passenger area at Copenhagen Airport.

In case of refusal

If the police decide that an ID card cannot be issued to a certain member of the press, this person's place of employment will be notified of this fact. The only information that can be provided by Copenhagen Airport is that the ID application has been rejected; the reason for such rejection is a matter between the person in question and the police at Copenhagen Airport.

Ready for pickup

You will not be notified automatically when your ID card is ready. The overall processing time is generally three weeks for police authorisation and ID card issuance. If your request for police authorisation has not been refused, you can pick up your ID card after expiry of the three-week period.

ID cards are to be picked up at the airport's ID Card Office, who will not hand over the card without documentation in the form of a valid passport or an international press card and a signed declaration that the cardholder will subsequently take the security awareness course. The cardholder will receive the course material together with his or her press ID card.