Apply for ID card

If you as a journalists need to access the transit area of CPH, you may want to apply for an ID card.

Police approved journalists who have been granted a CPH Press ID card, can travel in the passenger area of Copenhagen Airport unaccompanied. The card is valid for three years after which it can be renewed if desired.

A CPH Press ID card can advantageously be used by journalists, who often need easily and quickly access to the airport. The CPH press ID card is free.

Read more about the application of press ID card, the background check, processing time and other useful information here.

Read here about how in practice you will have access with your press ID card.

Rules on press presence in the airport area

Access to and presence in the C-SRA transit halls/passenger areas:
Access to transit halls and piers will always be through the CSC passenger security checkpoint. When you leave the area, you must go through the customs exit.

Please remember that any banned objects, including any kind of replica, may not be taken into the airside area.

Access to and moving about in aprons and other non-passenger areas:
If you require access to the airport's C-SRA/SRA apron areas, you will have to be accompanied by security staff, and a fee will be charged for this service. For more information, please contact Access Registration on tel +45 3231 2389.

Information about reason for access:
Generally, members of the press will only be granted access to the airside area if they provide verifiable information on their business there.

The following options are available to members of the press wishing to gain access:

  1. Provide the name of a contact person who can confirm the nature of your visit – and is willing to be available for the duration of your visit.
  2. As a minimum, you must provide information on the nature of your visit as a journalist, the area where you will be working and the extent (duration) of your visit.

Please note: CPH requires this information under current security rules, and we reserve the right to refuse access or to grant only accompanied access if the information provided is insufficient or incomplete.

In certain situations, the police may decide it is inadvisable to grant press access to the airside and/or passenger areas. and CPH will comply with such a decision.