Accompanied Access

Journalists not authorised by the police and without a press ID card will only be granted accompanied access to the passenger area at Copenhagen Airport.

Accompaniment in the passenger areas can be made by any person with a valid CPH ID card and the required additional authorization for escorting guests without CPH ID card. If there is no opportunity to be accompanied by someone from the company that you have an agreement with, a companion can be hired at the company Airport Temp. Read more about this opportunity here.

For access please register as "Escorted Visitor" together with the escort at the Port Office Access Registration office (Adgangsregistrering) outside Terminal 2 (West).

Limited number of visits

According to the new rules, a member of the press may obtain accompanied access a maximum total of 14 times within 12 successive months.

Rules for the accompaniment

Accompanied access is a regulatory requirement, and the rules prescribe that the person being accompanied must be closely watched for the entire duration of the visit. CPH will endeavor to make the accompaniment as discrete as possible. However, one must as accompanied never be out of sight, or farther away than the attendant can manage to intervene if conditions provide it.

The companion carries both legal and practical full responsibility for the stay and movement, and any instructions from the companion should be followed. The companion has at any time the right to cancel the visit if deemed necessary.

Access to the passenger area

Access to the passenger area can happen after a definite visit agreement with a company that operates in CPH. The company carries, in this case, the full responsibility for the visit and for the approved escort.