Extraordinary circumstances

Under extraordinary circumstances (aircraft accidents, disasters, hijackings, etc.) it will be necessary to limit journalist access to the airside areas of the airport.

For this reason, the press associations and the airport have signed an agreement on a pool scheme that grants selected media the opportunity to cover such events.
Access to the area can be obtained by contacting the Port Office, which will allow access only to those journalists and photographers included in the special pool scheme.

The press pool comprises the following media and an agreed number of journalists, photographers and technical assistants:

  • Berlingske Hus (including Nordisk Pressefoto and United Press International) 
  • Politikens Hus (including Politikens Pressefoto and Associated Press) 
  • Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten 
  • Ritzau (including one international journalist) 
  • DR 
  • TV-2 
  • Two freelance photographers 
  • Journalists who are not part of the press pool scheme can contact the Communications Department or the Port Office for information.