Access in practice

The following rules apply to journalists operating at the airport.

Members of the press can obtain access to the airport by contacting the Port Office Access Registration office (Havnekontoret/Adgangsregistrering), which is located at the southwestern end of Terminal 2.

Go to Airport access for the press<link> to view your access options.

Only journalists carrying a Danish or an international press card will be granted access by the Port Office. If, however, you have forgotten your press card, you may be granted access under certain circumstances, i.e. if you are carrying a photo ID and can document you have press business at the airport.

Access to the transit hall and piers will always be through the security checkpoint, and when you leave the area, you must go through the customs exit.

Do remember
...not to carry knives, scissors, razor blades or other sharp or pointed objects.

Parking for the press
The Port Office Access Registration office recommends parking off Vestvejen at the Port Office, where a number of parking spaces for journalists may be found. If there are no vacant spaces there, please try the other parking areas at the airport.

Access to the apron and other areas
For access to airport aprons, you must have the assistance of the security staff.
You must pay for such assistance. For further information, please contact the Port Office on +45 3231-2385.

Press-related photography
The following rules apply to all photography and film work:

  • Filming at or towards the customs exit is not allowed without the prior permission of the Danish tax authorities.
  • Filming at or towards the security checkpoint is not permitted.
  • Filming at or towards the passport control checkpoint is not allowed without the prior permission of the Danish police.
  • All requests and orders from the authorities at the airport must be complied with.
  • Where required by traffic or other conditions, CPH may stop your filming or photography work without notice. CPH may also stop recording or photography activities if the rules are not observed.
  • The photographer/film crew must have permission from the businesses or persons appearing in the film or photos. CPH assumes no responsibility for this.
  • Film recording or photography may under no circumstances interfere with day-to-day airport operations. Accordingly, cameras, lighting or similar equipment may not be set up in areas where there is passenger traffic.
  • Airport baggage trolleys and/or hand baggage trolleys may not be used for equipment or the like. If a film recording or photography job requires carts for equipment, such carts must be equipped with black rubber wheels.

Background check

Apply for ID Card or get accompanied access

If you do not have an ID card to the airport you can apply for it.
Without an ID card you can get accompanied access. Read about your options for it as a journalist, and about the possibilities of not press-related filming and photography.