Audit and risk management committee

The Board of Directors of CPH has established an Audit and Risk Management Committee.

The primary objective of the committee is to assist the Board of Directors in the performance of its accounting, reporting and auditing responsibilities and in connection with control and risk management of CPH.

The Audit and risk management committee hold 4 annual meetings. At these meetings, the committee considered a number of issues in accordance with an annual plan for the various activities that are described in the terms of reference of the committee. Click here to see the terms of reference.

The audit and risk management committee has the following members who all possess the requisite qualifications in accounting

David Stanton

British citizen, born in 1969. Asset Director at Ontario Airports Investments Ltd. Member of the Board and Vice Chairman since 2011. Chairman of the Audit and Risk Management Committee. Elected for one year at a time.

Board positions - member:

  • Birmingham Airport

Relevant competencies:
Expertise in finance, accounting, business development and commercial operations with in-depth knowledge of the aviation sector.

Ulrik Dan Weuder

Danish Citizen, born 1969. Senior Vice President and Head of Global Direct Investments (GDI) ATP. Member of the Board and Vice Chairman since December 2017.

Board positions - member: 

  • Redexis Gas (Spain)
  • APR Energy (UK) 

Relevant competences: 
Extensive experience in planning, financing and expansion of infrastructure. Responsible for ATP's alternative investments worth around DKK 55bn of which DKK 19bn is directly in infrastructure

Janis Kong (independent member)

British citizen, born in 1951. Member of the Board since 2012. Member of the Audit and Risk Management Committee. Elected for one year at a time. Independent Board member.

Board positions - chairman:

  • Bristol Airport

Board positions - member:

  • Network Rail
  • Portmeirion Group plc
  • TUI Group AG

Relevant competencies:
In-depth knowledge of the airport sector achieved through a 33-year career at British Airports Authority plc, where she held a number of positions, including chairman in Heathrow Airport Ltd.