The Board of Directors of CPH has elected a chairmanship consisting of the chairman and the two deputy chairmen

The chairmanship prepares and organises the work of the Board of Directors with a view to ensuring that the Board performs its tasks, duties and responsibilities in an efficient and responsible manner. The chairmanship also performs the duties of the nomination and remuneration committee.

CV's for the members of the chairmanship

The chairmanship has the following members:

Lars Nørby Johansen, chairman

Danish citizen, born in 1949. Chairman of the Board since 2014. Elected for one year at a time. Independent Board member. 

Board positions - chairman: 
William Demant Holding A/S 
Codan Forsikring A/S 
Dansk Vækstkapital 
University of Southern Denmark 
Rockwool Foundation 
Montana The Danish Growth Council 

Board positions - Deputy Chairman: 
Arp-Hansen Hotel Group 

Relevant competences: 
Previously Chairman of the Copenhagen Stock Exchange Committee on Corporate Governance. Previously member of the Board of Directors of Copenhagen Airports 2000-2002.

David Stanton

British citizen, born in 1969. Asset Director at Ontario Airports Investments Ltd. Member of the Board and Vice Chairman since 2011. Chairman of the Audit and Risk Management Committee. Elected for one year at a time. 

Board positions - member: 
Birmingham Airport 
High Speed 1

Relevant competences: 
Expertise in finance, accounting, business development and commercial operations with in-depth knowledge of the aviation sector.


The chairmanship held 12 meetings in 2016, where two of them were extraordinary meetings. At these meetings, the chairmanship considered a number of issues in accordance with an annual plan for the various activities that are described in the charter of the chairmanship. Click here to read the charter of the chairmanship.