Values and standards

Learn more about the values and standards that CPH strives to fullfill.


We take care of our customers and business partners as a good host takes care of his or her guests - and we do it in a personal manner.

We meet our customers and business partners at eye-level and are attentive and welcoming – with a good sense of humor if the situation allows it.

We take pride in noticing and understanding the desires and needs of our customers – preferably even before they do so themselves.



We base our business on joint value creation and grow our business responsibly in close partnership with our customers.

We are business people paying sharp attention to the relationship between cost and return on investment – on behalf of ourselves as well as on behalf of our business partners.

We co-operate efficiently and involve each other across the organisation and do so in due time. We share knowledge and give each other feedback so we can improve our performance together.



We operate our business respecting both the world around us and each other.

We build our relations of trust and accommodate each other's differences. We listen to and recognise each other’s points of view.

We take responsibility for each other and keep our promises– we do as we say and as we promise.



We have a passion for creating world-class airport experiences.

We are ambitious about what we do and always endeavor to improve by learning – both from our successes and mistakes.

We are proud of our workplace and the role it plays in society and yet humble about this role and the work we do, the people we service and co-operate with.