Whistleblower scheme

CPH has introduced a whistleblower scheme in accordance with the general practice of good corporate governance.

Under the whistleblower scheme, employees and other CPH stakeholders may in good faith submit anonymous or non-anonymous reports of serious conditions.

If you have knowledge of illegal or unethical behavior in CPH, we encourage you to report your knowledge either through your normal channels of communication in CPH or by using the whistleblower portal.

The portal is hosted by an independent party, Human Time, guaranteeing anonymity, security and ease of use in the system. Incoming reports will be forwarded to CPH’s Company Secretary for further investigation. Reports on the Executive Board, CFO and Company Secretary will be forwarded directly to the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee.

For more information on using the whistleblower scheme and CPH's procedures for handling reports, please see CPH's whistleblower policy at the whistleblower portal.