Strong late summer at Copenhagen Airport

In September, Copenhagen Airport saw almost 2.7 million passengers, equating to growth of 7.8%. For the first time, the airport topped 22 million passengers for the first nine months. 

Following a record summer, the first month of the autumn saw 2,675,789 travellers pass through Copenhagen Airport. This was nearly 200,000 more than in the same month last year, continuing the year’s high growth into the autumn. For the first time in the airport’s history, passenger numbers in the first three quarters topped 22 million.

“The growth in September continues the trend we’ve seen throughout the year, with both domestic and international traffic growing. We’ve acquired a number of new routes, and many routes have had their capacity increased. This means that more tourists and businesspeople are travelling to Denmark, but it’s also making the world’s markets even more accessible to Danish companies. Both these aspects are vital for creating growth and jobs in Denmark,” says Copenhagen Airport’s CEO, Thomas Woldbye.

European traffic increased by 7.6% in September, while intercontinental traffic grew by 11.3%. Domestic traffic increased by 6.3%.

“The long-haul routes out of Europe are crucial for Copenhagen Airport’s hub function. We're therefore keenly focused on attracting long-haul routes. In September, SAS opened a new route to Miami, making it five new long-haul routes this year alone. This is one of the reasons why we’ve seen growth of 10.6% in the number of travellers on the intercontinental routes this year,” says Thomas Woldbye.

London was the most popular destination with more than 200,000 travellers, while Berlin experienced the biggest growth with 17.9% more travellers. So far this year, the total number of passengers has increased by 9.9%. Domestic traffic has increased by 6.9%, European traffic by 10.0% and intercontinental traffic by 10.6%.

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