Industrial dispute at Menzies is over Employees from Menzies have resumed work. However, due to an earlier industrial dispute at Menzies, travelers may still experience delays in luggage handling if they are travelling with airlines using Menzies to handle their luggage. The same goes for the delivery of luggage for arriving airlines who are using Menzies to handle luggage. Travelers can see if their airline is handled by Menzies on We urge travelers to keep themselves informed on the airlines’ websites regarding possible delays


Annual Reports

CPH's Annual Reports can be downloaded in PDF.

Past annual reports


Group Annual Report 2015

Group Annual Report 2014

Please note that reports before 2014 only focus on financial conditions.

Group Annual Report 2013

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Group Annual Report 2009

CSR reports

Below you can read previous releases of CPH's CSR report, "CPH and Society", covering all non-financial aspects of the company.

CPH and Society 2013

CPH and Society 2012

CPH and Society 2011

CPH and Society 2010