Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2016 of Copenhagen Airports A/S

Stock Exchange Announcement 2016 Copenhagen, 12 April 2016 


On Tuesday 12 April 2016 at 3 pm, the Annual General Meeting of Copenhagen Airports A/S was held with the following agenda:

1. The report of the Board of Directors on the Company's activities during the past year.
2. Presentation and adoption of the audited annual report.
3. Resolution to discharge the Board of Directors and the Executive Board from liability.
4. Resolution on the appropriation of profit or loss as recorded in the adopted annual report.
5. Election of members of the Board of Directors, including the Chairman and the Deputy Chairmen.
6. Approval of remuneration to the Board of Directors for the current year.
7. Appointment of auditor.
8. Proposal by the Board of Directors to amend the Company's articles of association
9. Proposals by the shareholders.
10. Authorisation to the Chairman of the General Meeting.
11. Any other business.

Down PDF of Minutes here