Judgment in PRM case



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Today, 1 February 2013, the High Court of Eastern Denmark passed judgment in an action brought by Copenhagen Airports A/S against SAS regarding payment by SAS for PRM assistance to SAS passengers. In the period 26 July 2008 to 31 March 2009, Copenhagen Airports A/S invoiced SAS and other airlines for PRM assistance. The case is a test case to the effect that a process agreement has been made with all other airlines.

In the judgment, the court held that Copenhagen Airport A/S was entitled to collect a charge for PRM assistance during the period, and SAS was therefore ordered to pay in accordance with the claim made.

Copenhagen Airports A/S has recognized the receivable from the airlines for the period in question in its financial statements, so the judgment as passed by High Court of Eastern Denmark today will not have any accounting effect.

The judgment may be appealed to the Danish Supreme Court.