Announcements from MAp and OTPP



Announcement no. 12/2011
Copenhagen, 7 October 2011

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Copenhagen Airports A/S (CPH) has been informed that Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board (OTPP) and MAp Airports International Limited (MAp) now have completed the binding agreement mentioned in announcements no. 8/2011 and 11/2011 regarding the divestment of MAp’s indirect interest in CPH. Concurrently, MAp has advised that MAp no longer has any direct or indirect interest in CPH. At the same time, OTPP has advised that OTPP now owns a non-controlling, indirect 30% holding of the share capital in CPH. Please refer to the attached announcements from Map and OTPP, respectively.

In the event of questions to this announcement please contact MAp and OTPP.