Water consumption

Focus on drinking water quality and water conservation

Most of the airport’s total water consumption comes from the 60,000 people passing the passenger terminals every day, but there are also many other activities resulting in water consumption. For environmental reasons, CPH uses non-potable water wherever possible.

The airports drinking water comes from Taarnby and Dragør municipal water works through their drinking water supply from reservoirs in or in the immediate vicinity of the airport area.

Airlines, catering companies and other tenants at the airport are responsible for their own water consumption, but to a great extent they get their water via CPH's supply system.

Monitoring of drinking water quality
Drinking water quality at CPH is monitored by regular testing of the airport’s supply of drinking water, water samples being sent for analysis at an external laboratory.

Non-potable water for cooling, vehicle washing, etc.
CPH constantly strives to conserve water. To reduce the consumption of drinking water as much as possible, non-potable water from a local remedial well is used for cooling, for vehicle washing and for flushing toilets in some terminal areas.

Did you know

that 165 water samples are taken each year to control drinking water quality.

that water conservation measures have reduced CPH’s water consumption to 1,000 cubic metres per day.