Surplus soil is monitored carefully

Each year, CPH handles between 25,000 and 100,000 tonnes of surplus soil which is the result of various construction activities. The quality of this surplus soil is monitored through soil sample analysis by external accredited laboratories.

Most of the surplus soil at the airport is clean, i.e. it does not contain contamination components. The clean soil is used to make noise berms, which help limit noise in the surrounding residential areas.

If contamination is observed, it is reported to and registered by the regional authorities, and the contaminated soil is transported off airport property to soil treatment facilities.

Own soil treatment facility
CPH also has a soil treatment facility of its own at which the authorities allow treatment of certain types of biodegradable contamination. To improve the degradation process, the soil is fertilised and harrowed during the summer period. The soil treatment facility is located near the Øresund coast, also to minimise nuisance from noise and dust in the surrounding areas as much as possible.

Did you know

that each year CPH begins between 60 and 100 construction projects, of which about half generate surplus soil.

that CPH handles between 25,000 and 100,000 tonnes of surplus soil each year, most of which is deposited in the airport’s noise berms.