Groundwater is monitored closely

Monitoring of groundwater quality is important in the airport's activities and the environmental impact they have on soil and groundwater.

Groundwater in the soil under the airport is contained in a layer of limestone about ten metres below the surface. Groundwater is formed by rainwater seeping through the soil over many years and filling up the pores of the limestone.

Groundwater monitoring
CPH monitors the groundwater in the airport through a groundwater monitoring programme designed in collaboration with the Taarnby municipal authorities. This monitoring provides an aggregate overview of groundwater conditions at the airport. CPH has focus on this monitoring because the airport areas is part of the drinking water resources for the Copenhagen metropolitan area.

About 50 monitoring wells are included in the monitoring programme, which includes the collection of water samples and determination of the groundwater level, i.e. how deep under ground the surface of the groundwater reservoir is.

The water samples are submitted for analysis in order to monitor groundwater quality. Information on how deep the groundwater surface is helps monitor movements in the groundwater reservoir, i.e. the direction the groundwater is moving in the limestone layer.

Did you know

that 49 groundwater samples and 51 soundings of the groundwater level are taken each year.