Waste handling

Five-pronged waste handling

CPH’s waste handling comprises a five-pronged system which covers all sources. To this should be added types of waste collected at a few large sources, and types of waste brought to central reception areas.

The following five types of waste are collected at all sources:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Glass and bottles
  • Hazardous waste
  • Refuse-like waste

Waste swept from streets and oil waste from sludge treatment facilities is collected at the source and transported directly to an external recipient.

The remaining types of waste are taken to the container site. Below are examples of such waste:

  • Large incinerable waste
  • Building and construction waste: various types of waste from minor maintenance projects, primarily carried out by Copenhagen Airports A/S’ own staff
  • Garden and park waste
  • Non-incinerable waste to landfill
  • Iron and metal
  • Electronic scrap
  • Fluorescent tubes and low-energy bulbs
  • Other hazardous waste

The types of waste received at the container site depend on current needs and may therefore differ from the types listed above. The container site must basically receive all kinds of non-perishable waste or be able to refer to an approved recipient. Consequently it must always be possible to deliver waste not comprised by a local scheme at the container site or in at another site specified by the container site.

CPH operates with 30 different types of waste, and the waste is delivered to eight different recipients.