Noise sources

Take-offs and landings are the main – but not the only – source of noise

The main source of noise exposure near the airport is generated by aircraft take-off and landing, but noise from aircraft on the ground is also part of the noise affecting the residential areas around Copenhagen Airport.

Aircraft noise varies according to te type of aircraft, number of operations, the use of runways, time of the day, etc. Weather and wind conditions affect the sound propagation and thus also affect the noise exposure in the airport surroundings.

List of noise sources:

  • Aircraft take-off and landing  
  • Engine run-ups  
  • Aircraft taxiing and use of APUs  
  • Use of handling equipment  
  • Traffic noise

The airport has an extensive network of roads within its perimeter fence.This road traffic also contribute to the local noise exposure. During  winter, snow clearance can also be a significant source of noise in the surrounding area.