Engine run-ups

In connection with repair and maintenance of aircraft, the engines are tested. Testing of aircraft engines on the ground may produce noise that can be a nuisance to the airport’s neighbours.

To minimise noise nuisance, the airport has set up four specially shielded and remote areas where engines can be run up.        
A number of rules must be observed at the different engine testing areas.         

Engine run-ups are not permitted between 11.00 pm and 05.00 am.

Most engine run-ups are carried out in Test Area 2, which has the highest level of noise protection, with the shielding provided by SAS’s large hangars to the north.

Engine run-up areas
Area 2: SAS Engine run-up bay
Area 4: Test site by taxiways
Area 5: Hangar aprons in Area south
Area 6: Test site by taxiway, Area south