Improving air quality

There are several different factors that affect the air quality at and near Copenhagen Airport. In addition to the aircraft exhaust, the traffic on the roads at and around the airport affects air quality, as do the pollution from residential and industrial areas as well as traffic in Copenhagen.

Measurement data have previously been studied in greater detail to determine how much of an effect emissions from the airport have outside the perimeter fence.

The analysis shows that there is no direct correlation between the operation of individual flights and the air quality near the airport. The average concentration of NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) does not vary with the number of flight operations over a 24-hour period. The 24-hour variation in NO2 levels correlates more with the variation in car traffic in Copenhagen and on the surrounding system of roads.

However, this analysis also shows that the airport can be considered a source of NO2 emissions in the airport’s immediate vicinity. When the wind is out of the east, the airport contributes about half the NO2 measured just west of the terminal area.

However, it should also be noted that NO2 levels west of the terminal area are higher when winds are westerly than when they are easterly, which indicates that there are sources in the area to the west of the airport that produce more NO2 than the airport itself.