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Aviation industry tackles climate challenge

There is no doubt that the aviation industry shares responsibility for the environmental impact which is changing our climate. The aviation industry recognises this and is working on it. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), aviation accounts for 2% of global CO2 emissions.

However, the aggregate climate impact from the aviation industry is greater than just CO2 emission levels alone, because these emissions take place high up in the atmosphere. The formation of contrails also contributes to the climate impact. The total of the climate impact from aviation is estimated to be between 2% and 8%.

Compared with other sectors, e.g. energy production and road transport, the share of total CO2 emissions that the aviation industry is responsible for is thus relatively low. However the industry is not ignoring climate change: quite the opposite.

The industry is taking action
All the players in the aviation industry are looking at ways to combat climate change. In April 2008, the industry jointly committed itself for the first time to take action to mitigate its impact on the climate. CPH was a co-signatory to the declaration, which can be seen at

Better climate requires contributions from everyone
Airports are an integral part of the aviation industry, also in a climate context. If we look at Copenhagen Airport as a whole, air traffic is the greatest source of CO2 emissions. CPH intends to collaborate with its partners at the airport to reduce overall emissions from the airport by guiding and influencing the parties to climate-friendly operations to the widest possible extent.

Railway and Metro transport most climate friendly
One of the climate challenges at any airport as part of a country’s infrastructure is the transport of passengers and staff to and from the airport. In this connection, it is of great significance that Copenhagen Airport is located only eight kilometres from the Copenhagen city centre and that travel to the airport is efficient and environmentally friendly, with also a railway station and a Metro station at the airport.  

More than 50% of passengers currently travel to the airport by train or Metro, the most CO2 friendly methods of transport. In 2009 as many as 58% of locally departing passengers arrived at Copenhagen Airport using metro, train or bus.

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